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Let me tell you this. When your pre-teen daughter confides that she wants a pamper party for her birthday, your heart sinks and your imagination races to a world where your sweet and naturally beautiful child is caked in make-up thicker than that of the synchronised swimmers we used to see on TV.

In these days of constant social media exposure, with all its pressures to look perfect and grow up fast, it can be so tricky to maintain that balance between protecting our children’s innocence, while allowing them to develop their own identities. So, when my daughter told me what her party choice would be, I must admit, I did have a few moments of panic. Until I found the Dizzy Rhino website where I discovered a way to keep us both happy.

Dizzy Rhino takes the angst out of party organising. Their themed party and activity packages are put together with an eye on quality and value as well as considering the ethical dimension of sustainability and age-appropriate activities. The aptly named ‘Pamper Me’ party package ticked all the boxes. It includes everything needed to create a spa-like experience for your child and their guests. The Crazy Crackle Nail Varnish Kit is suitably trend driven to satisfy the tastes of girls who spend hours learning about different nail fashions on Pinterest and the varnishes supplied give multiple colour and finish options.

The Natural Cleansing Face Mask Kit kept them busy as they chose their ingredients and whipped up their own masks, with much hilarity and many photo opportunities, as they relaxed, cucumber slices on eyes, trying not to laugh as the masks started to dry.

The Deliciously Simple Lip Balm Kit required slightly more team work and adult supervision, but was a fantastic way to extend the pampering as each guest got to take their own creation home.

Dizzy Rhino saved the day by offering a no-stress, cost effective way of letting a pre teen girl feel a little more grown up, whilst letting her mother create and treasure memories of childhood innocence.

The clue is in the title of these kits – simple and natural.

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