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Questions you have asked us

What if more than 6 children are coming? 
You can buy two party boxes – that would definitely cater for 12 children or 10 comfortably with a few extra’s for the party bags or younger siblings that are there too.

We have a party theme already, but need to fill some time, can you suggest something? 
Yes, we can. You could buy 1 or 2 large activity kits to complement an already existing theme. They make a great time filler.

Do you do smaller kits, I want something to keep the kids busy over half term?
We do, YES! The kits are available for two also, they make perfect activities for siblings, playdates, gifts, mum and daughter day or father and son day. (Just an example, anyone can enjoy them together!)

Is everything I need in the box?
Pretty much, yes. We tell you in the instructions what else you need and it’s mostly things you will already have in the kitchen anyway such as bowls, spoons, fridge, oven, microwave. These things are not needed for every kit, don’t worry!

Will the kids get messy?
We have designed all the boxes with food grade ingredients and even the coloured writing icing washes out. We provide gloves and you can buy tableware so that you can simply roll up and throw away the tablecloth if you need to. But, all in all it’s not really that messy.

What’s in the party bags that come with the Party Box? 
The kids get to take whatever they have made. As an example a child’s party bag could go home filled with a gorgeous smelling foot scrub presented in a Kilner jar, a chocolate pizza and 2 awesomely fizzy bath bombs that smell divine. Certainly beats the pencil, Haribo and pack of stickers!


Can I use the Party Box at a wedding? 
Absolutely. The party boxes are great for any gathering of 6 or more children, family get-togethers, weddings, sleepovers, anniversaries and so on.


My son is going to be in hospital for 3 days, do you sell anything that he can do other than watching TV, colouring and reading?
Yes, there are a few kits that make perfect little activities for hospital stays. They can keep it once made, give to mum for being a star, as a gift to the nurse or as a present for a sibling.

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