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It was a decade that most of us are familiar with, through its iconic fashion, hair styles and music. The toys and games of the eighties are just as important and Dizzy Rhino have put together five of our favourite games you would expect to see at a retro party. The question is do you remember them all?

1. The Pogo Ball
A complete calorie killer, this energetic evolution of a Pogo Stick saw kids and adults alike give it their all in competition for the highest bounce. They were responsible for their fair share of cuts and bruises mind, but the fun was endless.

2. Pin The Tail on The Donkey
Was a children’s party even a party without playing “Pin the tail on the donkey”? This staple of the 80’s party scene is still a favourite today. The whole group finds it great fun watching their opponent try to orientate themselves with a blindfold on!

3. Jenga
One of the simplest games to play with a group, Jenga was a favourite of the whole family. It would often be played at a birthday, a BBQ or even at Christmas! It managed to challenge the wit of all ages and always promised a dramatic ending when the tower came crashing down.

4. Musical Chairs
A timeless classic this game was as popular in the 80’s as it is today. Having a whole group of children run in circles, again and again and again; there just isn’t a better way for them to burn of all the energy they picked up from the fizzy drinks and sugary snacks!

5. Pass the Parcel
It’s without question one of the most exciting yet awkward games that was popular in the 80’s. Do you pass it? Do you hold onto it? Was that me? Them again!

These are just a few of the many toys and games that brought kids together and kept their attention before technology really got a hold. Why not try and keep some of that nostalgic magic going, with one of our creative group kits. Let them get their hands dirty together and make memories that will last for decades.

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