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The best parties have a strong plan, but they need enough flexibility in timing and activities to allow the fun to continue if things are going well. Don’t cram too much in, but make sure you’re always ready to change the mood with something new if necessary.

Mocktail party guests will be expecting a little sophistication, so leave at least some time for unstructured leisurely sipping and chatting once the mocktails are made. But everyone likes to let their hair down. Check out our totally sober drinking games.

The mocktails will each take about 20 minutes to make  – a little longer for the fruit caviar fizz. You could make all the drinks at once, or space them throughout the party, depending on time available. This is where taking charge of your own party really counts. You know the guests and understand what they will enjoy most.

Break away from the traditional plan of producing food towards the end of the party and offer an adult-style savoury buffet to nibble alongside the drinks. You’ll find plenty of healthy but tasty finger foods here. The cake and sweet treats can be reserved for the party finale.

Good parties all follow a similar arc, whatever their theme. Start with a gentle warm-up game while the guests settle in, throw in a full-on activity, allow time for some silliness and then cap it all with the tradition of the cake. Nobody ever grows out of that. Reserving the Dizzy Rhino 23-carat gold mocktail to serve with the cake could add a final touch of class.

If you’re making your own cake and want to keep the gold theme going, gold spray and edible glitter are now easily available on line and in supermarkets. Here’s a suggested three-hour mocktail party plan:

  • 0-20 mins: Introductions and guessing game.
  • 20-50 mins: Make fruit caviar mocktail and taste.
  • 50-70 mins: Make rainbow mocktail.
  • 70-100 mins: Totally sober drinking games
  • 100-130 mins: General games such as Twister, speed stacking, charades, wink assassin, sleeping beauty or any other family favourites.
  • 130-150 mins: Make 23ct gold mocktail.
  • 150-180 mins:  Cake and sweet treats.

If the mocktail party is an evening event or a sleepover, you could drop the hour of games in favour of a pamper activity such as Dizzy Rhino’s Crazy Crackle Nail Varnish kit or the Dizzy Rhino Natural Cleansing Face Mask kit.

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