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Dizzy Rhino’s non-alcoholic Mocktail party kit is the perfect choice for pre-teens and young teens who want a a sophisticated celebration. But we all know (even if our children have yet to find out) that the fun starts when the suave veneer slips and it all gets a bit messy.

Here’s a few totally sober drinking games to get the giggles going. You might want to use a wipeable tablecloth and beakers for some, rather than the posh glasses used for the mocktails.

Mock pong

  • Pour a little of your delicious mocktail into six beakers, then fill another six with something a bit less pleasant. You could let the children make their own concoctions from ingredients such as cold tea, cornflour, mayonnaise, lime or lemon juice, worcester sauce, baking powder, ginger, pepper – nothing lethal, just a little bit nasty.
  • Arrange the beakers on a table, mixing the nice and nasty ones as much as possible.
  • Each child in turn now takes a very clean ping-pong ball and tries to bounce it into a beaker.  Before they start they will nominate another person to drink whatever is in the beaker they hit.

Odds and evens

  • Less messy, but just as nasty: use a dice instead of a ping pong ball. If a player rolls an even number, they get tasty mocktail, if they roll an odd number they get the evil brew.


  • Nice drinks only this time. Deal a pack of cards face up to the players until an ace is dealt. Everyone starts drinking and nobody is allowed to stop until the player with the ace stops.

Handstand drinking

  • Each person in turn does a handstand against the wall then has to try to drink a mocktail upside down with a straw. The winner is the one who empties their glass in the fastest time.

Key word game

  • A gentler game to enjoy while you sip a mocktail: the objective is to find words and phrases that contain a key word. Choose a word related to your drink theme, then go round the circle thinking of related words and phrases. For example if you chose gold, you could have gold medal, golden girl, golden compass, gold star….. and so on. It can get quite silly.


  • Very simple, very juvenile but very funny. Everyone holds a sip of their drink in their mouth without swallowing. Last one to swallow is the winner, but this is open season and everyone is free to try to make their fellow guest laugh or swallow, using gestures and expressions, but no words obviously.
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